The purpose of the witness talk at Ultreya is to encourage your brothers and sisters in their efforts to become better apostles, in their efforts to be the Lord’s instruments in the many environments they find themselves in - family, neighborhood, work and social. The witness should therefore be centered on our evangelizing efforts - of how the Lord is working through me to build up His Kingdom.

General sharing can always be inspirational and valuable, but the specific role you are filling is to witness to current evangelizing efforts. That, too, can be most inspirational and encouraging to the Ultreya pilgrims and is exactly what the Ultreya witness is all about: Recent evangelizing efforts.

What the Witness Talk should not be:

What the Witness Talk should be:

The Gospel of John ( 1: 38- 39) says that Andrew and another disciple of John the Baptist asked Jesus where He lived, and He ans wered: “Come and see.” It continues, “They went where He lived and remained with Him that day.” The events that followed show that those two men went and saw; they lived together and encouraged each other in Christ. They then went on to bear much fruit. This then, is the witness we share at Ultreya: The fruit we bear through Christ living in us.

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