More than a million people from Florida have registered on for individual healthcare coverage. For a state that has a government that opposes ObamaCare, the population has surely embraced it. With such an interest in individual healthcare options, even if it’s required by the federal government, the average citizen needs to be informed about these Florida health insurance options from that are a result of the Affordable Care Act.

The Health Insurance Exchange

As a stipulation of the ACA, the federal Health Insurance Exchange was created by the federal government to facilitate the purchase of health insurance. State governments were encouraged to create state exchanges, as well. The state of Florida does not run a state health insurance exchange. Instead, it refers its citizens to make use of the federal exchange. The exchange, or marketplace as it’s also called, provides information about health insurance coverage available to residents in Florida. It also provides information about government subsidies or applying for an exemption.  The official website for the marketplace is

How Does the ACA Affect Florida Citizens?

With the passing of the ACA, citizens of the United States are required to carry health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, you could pay a penalty on your taxes. There are exemptions to this that a person must qualify for and apply to receive.

How Much Does Florida Health Insurance Cost Under ObamaCare?

How much you pay in monthly premiums depends on several factors. For example, there are four basic plans to choose from: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These plans vary according to the amount of coverage that is provided: 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90%, respectively. In addition, there are other stipulations to consider like your age, whether or not you smoke, and where you live in Florida. The average premium for Florida was between $200-299 before subsidies. With subsidies, the average premium paid by Florida residents for ObamaCare insurance was about $88 a month.

Is There Help for Paying Premium Costs

The federal government does offer subsidies if you qualify. To qualify, your household income has to be within a certain range. The federal government offers cost sharing subsidies. There is also a tax credit that you can receive if you qualify that can be directly applied to monthly premiums.

How to Get ObamaCare Insurance

In Florida, if you want to learn more about insurance under the ACA, you’d need to visit Open enrollment begins in November. You can enroll at other times if you have a change in your situation, such as getting married or the birth of a child. Otherwise, you’ll have to enroll during Open Enrollment. is also where you’d apply for an exemption. You can find the answers to most of your questions on the website, as well. You can also call a toll free number if you have questions or want to enroll by phone. The process is simple: apply and enroll.

ACA and Florida Residents

If you are needing affordable, available insurance coverage in Florida, you need to look into enrolling through Over a million people in Florida already have enrolled and are now able to access healthcare because they have insurance coverage. The majority of these same individuals also receive subsidies from the federal government to help reduce the costs of monthly insurance premiums. While the state government in Florida may be opposed to the ACA, the people of Florida are taking full advantage of it. While the federal government may have made health insurance coverage a requirement, it has made efforts to not make it an inconvenience.