Many Floridians often ask: Is it mandatory to have home insurance in Florida? Keep reading below to find out if it is a requirement and how you can purchase a policy of your own.

Florida rates are increasing each day. Many homeowners are frustrated and struggling with these rising costs. Florida law does not require you to purchase home coverage. However, you may find out that your mortgage company does. If you fail to keep your home insured, your lender has a right to find coverage for you and charge you in your loan premiums. If you haven’t already guessed, this forced policy is very expensive and should be avoided. It’s safe to say that everyone wants cheap coverage, but where are the home insurance quotes Florida residents need?

Can I go without Florida Home Insurance?

Technically, you can go without any coverage. However, you must own your home outright. It’s not a smart idea to go without coverage. If something were to happen your home, such as a fire, tornado damage, water damage, you would have to pay for these repairs directly out of pocket. If your home burnt down, can you afford to purchase another or rebuild? Are you prepared for that?

Purchasing a policy is really easy. Protect yourself financially by being covered. It’s just silly not to be.

What does a standard policy cover?

A common Florida home insurance policy from Florida Insurance Quotes will cover a certain number of things. They are pretty much the same things no matter where you live in the United States. It is still important to be aware of these coverages. That way you can determine if you need any extra coverage.

Coverage here in Florida will consist of two different parts, the first is property coverage, that includes your dwelling, other structures on your property, and personal property. Be aware that other structures include garages, guest houses, tool shed, and etc.

Personal property will include all of your household furnishings and your own belongings. Excluded from this would be pets, your car, computers, and other equipment.

Your second part of your policy will include personal liability coverage. This will pay damages if someone brings a claim or suit against you for bodily injury or damage to his or her property.

Where can I shop for FL home insurance?

We have noticed that home insurance Florida has experienced a significant increase. This is due to the state’s history of having major catastrophe losses from hurricanes. That’s never good news to hear. If you are trying to find a policy that fits your budget, it will be a task.

If you want affordable coverage we recommend you visit Florida Insurance Quotes for home insurance. It has hassle free, fast quotes and is who you need to visit to find the best deals on the web. Their mission is to help all Floridians find a policy that fits their needs and budget.

In conclusion, even if you own your home outright, purchase a policy! Avoid a financial tragedy. There is nothing worse than losing your home. Unfortunately, many people can also agree.