The following workshops were created by the National Secretariat and National Staff as a service to affiliated Diocesan Movements. The workshops are made available to advance the Cursillo Leaders’ knowledge, understanding, and proper implementation of the Cursillo essence, purpose, methodology, and charism, thus, improving the overall effectiveness of the Diocesan Movements. Contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule a workshop for your diocese.

[R] Denotes workshops to be given by the Regional Service Team
[D] Denotes workshops that may be given by Diocesan Leaders

Cursillo de Cursillos [R]

Eduardo Bonnín developed a Cursillo de Cursillos (CDC) in order to provide Cursillistas with a deeper understanding of the Foundational Charism of the Cursillo Movement. This inspiring three-day workshop has a more relaxed atmosphere than the 3-Day Cursillo Weekend with plenty of time for reflection, sharing, and question and answer sessions. The CDC begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday evening. Similar to the Cursillo Weekend, the CDC must be a living experience for the Cursillo leaders. The CDC helps the Cursillo leaders delve into all the spiritual and technical elements of our Movement in light of its charism. A total of 15 Rollos and 5 Meditations are presented. This is a cloistered workshop like the Weekend.

Pre-Cursillo Workshop [D]

This workshop is designed to assist the Diocesan Cursillo Movement to better understand how they are to study the environments (study the persons) that need to be evangelized. It provides a clear understanding of “environment” (the person and his circumstances). It points out how we should select and prepare the key people of these environments to live the Cursillo. The workshop emphasizes how the individual Cursillistas should be selecting key people from the environments they are immersed in – their immediate moveable square meter.

The Cursillo Weekend Workshop [D]

This workshop is designed to assist the Diocesan Cursillo Movement to conduct a simple yet authentic Cursillo weekend using people who are living the Cursillo Method. It covers the role of the Team Coordinator, Team Members, Spiritual Advisor, etc., and explains the purpose of Palanca.

Postcursillo Workshop [D]

As the Leaders Manual states; “If the purpose of the Cursillo Movement is to find, lead to conversion and sustain evangelizers in their task of evangelizing the world, then the most difficult task will always be to sustain them.” The Postcursillo Workshop reinforces the tools of the Cursillo Method: Group Reunion (the reality of life shared with friends) and Ultreya (the circumstances that makes it possible for the best in everyone to reach as many as possible).

Cursillo Apostolic Plan Workshop [D]

This workshop is designed to assist the Diocesan Secretariat and the School of Leaders to develop a plan to take the Diocesan Movement from where it is to where it can and should be: effectively evangelizing environments.

Commitment Workshop [D]

This workshop has the Diocesan leaders taking a good look at “what prevents the Cursillista from making a deeper commitment to the Cursillo Movement.” It provides a way to have the participants arrive at a solution for the obstacles that stand in the way.

Sponsor’s Workshop [D]

This workshop is designed to educate/train Cursillistas who want to sponsor someone to Cursillo. The Diocesan Secretariats need to formalize training and education of Sponsors to ensure they really understand this essential role. The Sponsors need to understand the why and the how of sponsoring a person (friend) to Cursillo. This workshop should be provided on an on-going basis since there will always be Cursillistas who need to understand and follow this concept. Cursillistas who are not in the School of Leaders will want to sponsor a “friend” to Cursillo therefore; they need to understand the purpose of Cursillo and their responsibilities as a friend and a Sponsor. This training/education will benefit all Cursillistas.