Diocese of Rapid City Cursillo Movement

Welcome Friend,

Cursillo is about three encounters; self, Christ, and community. Through the use of piety, study and action and through sharing our triumphs and failures at our friendship groups we work to become the “Good News,” not just preach it. By doing so, our goal is to naturally lead others to Jesus Christ and support the mission of the church.

School of Leaders:

The School of Leaders (SOL) is where we grow together with heart and spirit as we enrich our minds and share our thoughts with the community who’s desire it is to channel, establish, help sustain, and train leaders to Sheppard the movement.

Currently, we meet on the Second Friday each month at 07:00 until 08:30 in the large meeting room below the Rectory of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Rapid City.

Friendship Groups:

Meet weekly to encourage, share with, support and recharge each other’s spiritual battery.

Men’s Groups:

  • Location: Millstone on West Main St.
    Day: Wednesday
    Time: 6:30pm
    Members: Tom Bo, Ed Hu, Pete Ne, Larry Ke, and Dave El
  • Location: Bully Blends
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 7am
    Also: some of us meet the hour prior at St. Theresa Church to visit Blessed Sacrament and say a 911 for life
    Members: Dave An, Jim Ja, Chad Ca, Bob Me, Chuck Ra, Jerry Ko, Tom Co, Charlie Ro, Jim Bl, Fr. John Lu, Ron Dr, and Hugh Br

Women’s Groups:

  • Location: Wendys on Cathedral Dr.
    Day: Monday
    Time: 5:30pm
    Members: Jo Br, Peg We, Carol Br, Vivian and Diane An
  • Location: Strandell’s House
    Day: Tuesday
    Time: Noon
    Members: Claire Me, Lynda J-I, Shirley Dr, Mary St, and Audrey
  • Location: B & L Bagel
    Day: Wednesday
    Members: Nancy Ne, Teresa Sp, Katie Sc, and Audrey La
  • Location: Breakfast Nook on La Crosse
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 7am
    Members: Pat Ca, Angie Ca, Elaine Ko, Brenda Ev, Margie Wa, and Diane An
  • Location: Blessed Sacrament Church Hall, Room
    Day: Friday
    Time: 12:30
    Members: Bonnie Be, Elka Ka, and Shirley Dr