The Cursillo Resource Center (CRC) is designed to provide resources and information about the Charism of Cursillo Movement. CRC is not a School of Leaders or a training center, but a hub to disseminate official information. The information is offered to compliment what is being studied in the Diocesan School of Leaders.

The National Cursillo Language Coordinators are providing these tools for leaders to be more, to be better, and to be Christian in the moveable square meter where God has placed them – their environment! The information is presented in different formats so feel free to view, listen, or download the format of your preference.

You may use these files as needed, but they can not be posted on other websites. Audio and video files may require extra time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. All material is copyright © National Cursillo Center.

2015 National Cursillo Encounter Workshop Sessions

The following presentations were given at the 25th National Cursillo Encounter held at Villanova University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 23-26, 2015. We will be adding more Encounter videos and text files to this section each week, so watch for them.

  • Friendship with Christ; Key to Evangelization – Dr. Ralph Martin
  • Prayer and Discernment – Rev. John Myers
  • Charity in the 21st Century – Deacon Gary Terrana
  • Attitudes and Reactions – Maribel Gómez
  • Means to Energize Our Fourth Day – Walter Benavides
  • National Cursillo Center Update – Hoang Tran
  • The Transforming Power of God – Most Rev. Carlos A. Sevilla, SJ
  • Living the Gift of Cursillo Every Day – Rev. Alex Waraksa

Cursillo on EWTN

Two 30-minute TV episodes, focusing on the Cursillo Movement, were broadcast on EWTN’s The Church Universal program during March and May 2015.

  • Cursillo – Origins, Mentality, and Purpose – Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, Fr. Alex Waraksa,  Juan Ruiz, Jim Santos, Hoang Tran
  • Bringing our Friends to Christ – Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, Fr. Alex Waraksa,  Juan Ruiz, Jim Santos, Hoang Tran

Pope Speaks to Attendees of the III European Ultreya in Rome

Pope Francis recently met with Cursillo leaders to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Movement in Italy. Watch it here and read the transcribed text of his speech. April 30, 2015.

2014 National Cursillo Encounter Workshop Sessions

These presentations were given at the 24th National Cursillo Encounter held at Chapman University in Orange, California, July 31 – August 3, 2014.

  • History of Cursillo  – Miguel Sureda
  • Evangelization Through Friendship – Jackie DeMesme-Gray
  • Christian Leaders – Omar Baez
  • Growing in Holiness through the Cursillo – Deacon Ben Agustin
  • The Joy of the Gospel – Fr. Alex Waraksa
  • Stewardship in the Cursillo – Hoang Tran

2014 Region XI Encounter

These workshop sessions were presented by Cef Aguillon, National English Coordinator, at the Region XI Cursillo Encounter on April 12, 2014 in Fresno, California. Please share this with your Cursillo leaders.

  • Benefits of Affiliation
  • Overview of Purpose, Mentality, and Method of Cursillo

2013 National Cursillo Encounter Workshop Sessions

The following presentations were given at the 23rd National Cursillo Encounter held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, July 25-28, 2013.

  • Cursillistas, Called to be Salt, Light, and Leaven for the New Evangelization – Bishop Peter Rosazza
  • Cursillos in Christianity Foundational Charism – Juan Ruiz
  • Methodology of Cursillo – Michael Ciccocioppo
  • Operational Structures of Cursillo School of Leaders and Secretariat – Marisela García
  • Role of the Cursillo Leader – Jim Santos
  • Role of the Spiritual Advisor in Cursillo – Fr. David Smith
  • Strategies for a Brighter Future – Hoang Tran
  • Spiritual Advisor’s Workshop – Rev. Peter M. Jaramillo & Rev. David A. Smith

2012 National Cursillo Encounter Workshop Sessions

These presentations were given at the 22nd National Cursillo Encounter held at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 19-22, 2012.

  • Being Present With Those We Love – Dr. John Cuddeback
  • Communication – Cef Aguillon
  • El Sentido de la Vida – Juan Ruiz
  • Confianza – Angel Delgado
  • Creatividad – Fela Alfaro
  • Transcendence – Modesto Perez

Leadership Development Articles

  • Cursillo Evangelization and the Internet
  • Study of the Charism
  • Cursillos in Christianity – An Encounter with Oneself
  • Faithful Stewards of the Cursillo Movement
  • Opportunities and Benefits of Cursillo de Cursillos
  • Biography of Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló, Founder of Cursillo
  • Friendship in the Postcursillo
  • Friendship in the Cursillo Weekend
  • Friendship in the Precursillo
  • Friendship, an Essential Element of Cursillo
  • Actualizing Christ
  • Evangelizing within your Moveable Square Meter
  • What is Fundamental for being Christian?
  • Cursillo – A Lay Movement
  • On-Going Conversion of the Person
  • Living Our Fourth Day
  • Choosing to Exercise the Power of Love
  • Discovering Self, Christ, and Others
  • Developing an Intimate Relationship with Christ
  • The Tree of Cursillo
  • Role of Spiritual Advisors in the Cursillo Movement
  • Foundational Charism of the Cursillo Movement
  • Spirituality of the Cursillo Leader
  • Cursillo de Cursillos – What is it?
  • Leadership Within the Cursillo Movement
  • The Call to Leadership, A Vocation
  • Leadership in the Cursillo Movement
  • Ultreya – The Reunion of Group Reunions
  • Friendship Group Reunion
  • Friendship: A Virtue and a Mystery
  • Rollos and Meditations
  • Personal Contact and Authentic Witness
  • The Essential, Important and Accidental Elements
  • Sponsoring Candidates for the Cursillo Weekend
  • The Three Encounters in the 3-Day Cursillo
  • The Service Sheet
  • Ultreya and its Importance to the Person
  • Foundational Charism (Part 2)
  • Foundational Charism (Part 1)
  • Structure of Ideas (Part 2)
  • Structure of Ideas (Part 1)
  • The Charism of Friendship
  • Workshop about the Rollo Ideal
  • Laity in the Church
  • Piety
  • Study
  • Action
  • Leaders
  • Study of the Environment
  • Christianity in Action
  • Cursillista Beyond the Cursillo
  • Total Security
  • Palanca
  • The Essence, Mentality, and Purpose
  • Learning to Live the Message
  • Postcursillo
  • School of Leaders
  • Secretariat
  • Structure of the Cursillo Movement

If you wish to learn more about the Cursillo® Movement, there are many publications available in the Cursillo Literature Store. We recommend purchasing the Cursillo Manual, Leaders Manual, Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement, and Structure of Ideas for each person at your diocesan School of Leaders.