Cursillo in Action

In Palm Springs, March 29,2014, the Cursillistas of San Bernardino Diocese attended Mass at Our Lady of Solitude to start off the annual Evangelization Walk. Mass was celebrated by Fr Ochoa. The Walk was conducted through Palm Springs downtown lead by youth carrying the processional Cross. Art Obregon led the Rosary as the Walkers passed by businesses and restaurants. Where diners were eating their meals Art paused to pray the blessing of the food and of the diners. Other Cursillistas also prayed and sang as they walked. This event is a Multicultural gathering of the English, Filipino, Spanish and Vietnamese to help others become aware of Jesus in all of our lives. The three mile Walk was concluded by sharing a meal – lunch at St Theresa Hall. The Cursillistas in Christianity thank the parishes of Our Lady of Solitude and St Theresa for their welcoming of the Evangelization Walk in Palm Springs, CA.

Think First

If you’ve encountered Christ but have been reluctant to really jump in and change, now’s the time. It’s like a yard sale for the soul. Everything (you know) must go, so that God’s will is all that’s left.  ~ from: Zealous


  • Olivia Obregon- Lay Director
  • Henry Becerra – Secretary
  • Nancy Franks  – Treasurer
  • Art Castillo – Pre-Cursillo
  • Dottie Eravi – Post Cursillo
  • Vera Hernandez – Cursillo Chair
  • John Casarez – School of Leaders
  • Father Ed Gomez – Spiritual Advisor